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In the evolving world of business research, BIG provides many opportunities for keeping up to date on industry innovations. BIG is a brilliant business research resource to further increase my knowledge and ensure my clients are always at the forefront of contemporary ideas.”

Vikki Mitchell, Kantar Millward Brown


BIG gives the business research community its own distinct voice and a forum where we can explore the specific challenges of business research while still providing insights that are relevant to all researchers.”

Keith Bailey, Transport Focus


BIG strikes the right balance between useful knowledge sharing via the conference and forums and opportunities to network or socialise with likeminded folk. Because its membership reflects its specialised focus, it really does feel like a community.

Dave Skelsey, Stictly Financial



BIG Forum – May

Date: Tuesday 22 May 2018

What are the applications of Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in B2B research, now and in the future? Find out from Alastair Goode and Jonathan Barrowman of Gorilla in the room. This will be followed by a demo, giving you an opportunity to try out some of the kit, see how it works, and get some ideas and inspiration for future projects.

BIG Summer Party

Laithwaites, London

Date: Wednesday 5 September

Watch this space. More details to follow shortly.

Research in the new B2B marketing landscape

The pace of change in the digital world has meant that the B2B buyer’s journey has become more complex.  No longer are we simply testing a one or two-channel advertising campaign, but rather we are looking at the integrated brand story delivered through multiple...
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Trading places – Brexit and trade between the UK and the EU

I’m not sure whether this is apocryphal, but back in the day George W. Bush is alleged to have offered the following insight into international trade: "More and more exports are coming from outside our country." I was reminded of this quotation when recently...
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Four Considerations for Complex B2B Research Projects

One of the most challenging aspects of B2B market research is that we frequently need to hear from very rare populations. While it is fairly straightforward to execute research which asks office workers about general workplace trends given a large, diverse and...
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Life’s not a Pitch

I recently attended one of the more commercial insights industry events.  A lot of the content at these events is ‘pay to play’ – when suppliers and agencies pay a fee to get a slot on the platform. In essence, I do not think this is a bad idea.  It funds events and...
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B2B Research: A Recruiter’s Perspective

I have recruited for the market research industry since 2001 and since then have seen a great deal of change.  My 2001 self would not recognise the industry I now recruit in – we have all had to evolve.   B2B Research has always been something I have been involved in,...
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Questions about business to business research?

Q. Why are mixed methodology studies more common in B2B?

A. The complexity of B2B markets means that multiple research methods often need to be used in order to provide answers or solutions for strategic decisions

Q. Why are B2B costs higher than B2C costs?

A. B2B transactions often take more consideration and involve more decision makers.  The B2B consumer will more often than not need to be able to prove a return-on-investment for their purchase

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