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“I decided to get involved with BIG after attending a couple of their forums. I enjoyed sharing knowledge with other B2B insights professionals and the BIG community spirit”

Amy Middleton, BEAM Fieldwork

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“BIG gives the business research community its own distinct voice and a forum where we can explore the specific challenges of business research while still providing insights that are relevant to all researchers”

Keith Bailey, Transport Focus


“BIG strikes the right balance between useful knowledge sharing via the conference and forums and opportunities to network or socialise with likeminded folk. Because its membership reflects its specialised focus, it really does feel like a community.”

Dave Skelsey, Stictly Financial


BIG Forum Online

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE – How digital tools can make the analysis of research findings easier

Date: Thursday 8th December, 2022
Time: 9.30am
Location: Online (Zoom)

The Business Intelligence Group (BIG) would like to invite you to the latest BIG Forum event which looks at some of the innovative software solutions available to help analyse research findings.

The challenge…

Research will often generate a lot of information which needs to be analysed, integrated and summarised. That is true whether you are conducting primary research (qualitative or quantitative), or you are conducting secondary (desk) research.

Often so much time and energy is spent on the data gathering, that there isn’t enough left to work out what it all means.

But help is at hand…

Whether the data is in the form of interview transcriptions or intelligence gathered in desk research (or a combination of the two), there is analytical software to make the process quicker and more exhaustive.

The next generation of research and analysis uses AI and machine learning to research, analyse and monitor your research and market intelligence.

The speakers…

In this Forum session, we are pleased to present two speakers who will present their solutions.

Simon Taylor of QSR / NVivo:

NVivo is the most cited software for qualitative data analysis and helps you discover more from your qualitative and mixed methods data to uncover richer insights and produce clearly articulated, defensible findings backed by rigorous evidence.’

Perry Forbes of Amplyfi:

AMPLYFI helps any organisation to research, analyse and create insights from written content. Our powerful research platform uses AI to read and analyse content, faster than any human can, and uncover previously hidden links, trends and opportunities. We help organisations to harness data-driven decision making, so they can better understand their markets and change with conviction.’

Each of our speakers will give a brief overview of their respective solutions – when they can be used, how they work and what the benefits are.

There will also be time for Q&A and discussion.

BIG’s Trevor Wilkinson, of Purple Market Research and Prevision Research,will introduce and manage the session.

The session will kick off at 9.30am and will last around an hour.

This is an online event and is free to members of BIG and a mere £5 for non-members.

We look forward to seeing you there. 


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