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Welcome to the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) – the insight community supporting and advising on market research in business. We’re a resource for the latest thinking and techniques in business to business research. Join us for networking opportunities with insight professionals, find our knowledge centre on this website and keep up to date with our e-newsletter. For research buyers, we have the BIG Directory of specialist business research and insight providers.

In the evolving world of business research, BIG provides many opportunities for keeping up to date on industry innovations. BIG is a brilliant business research resource to further increase my knowledge and ensure my clients are always at the forefront of contemporary ideas.”

Vikki Mitchell, Kantar Millward Brown


BIG gives the business research community its own distinct voice and a forum where we can explore the specific challenges of business research while still providing insights that are relevant to all researchers.”

Keith Bailey, Transport Focus


BIG strikes the right balance between useful knowledge sharing via the conference and forums and opportunities to network or socialise with likeminded folk. Because its membership reflects its specialised focus, it really does feel like a community.

Dave Skelsey, Stictly Financial



BIG Summer Party

Laithwaite’s Wine, The Arch, London

Date: Wednesday 5 September 7pm – 10pm

Join us for the BIG Summer Party 2018. The evening will include a variety wines from Laithwaite’s coupled with tasty cheeses from Borough Market. There will be a wine tasting competition with great prizes, sponsored by Research Now SSI, and a chance for you to buy wine with a BIG discount on the evening.

The cost of this event is £30.00 for members of BIG and £35.00 for non-members, inclusive of VAT.

BIG Forum

27th November 2018 – Researching Digital Micro Businesses – Jemma Ahmed, Director of Global Market Research, Etsy

Our future forum dates have been decided but we are still busy planning our list of topics and exciting guest speakers. We will confirm the details as soon as possible. 

5th February 2019
2nd April 2019
21st May 2019


Five ways AI will Impact the Market Research Industry

AI is fast becoming the most anticipated feature of modern technology and a concept that has divided public opinion in a variety of industries.  Even household devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are becoming must-haves to answering life’s questions at the call...
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BIG AGM and Summer Party

Early September has quickly become a must-put-in-the-diary time for all lovers of B2B research and wine, as BIG hosted its AGM and late Summer drinks at Laithwaites London Bridge. The AGM went smoothly with no major revolts (Martin Sorrell should be so lucky) and we...
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Putting HEART into your business

Kate Dennis, founder of Open Door Insights, looks at proven techniques for engaging B2B/ professionals on a deeper, more emotional level. Tactics and strategies used in the past by marketers to target B2B/Professionals have typically been quite distinct from those...
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Can language affect savings behaviour?

Can the language you speak influence the way you save?  Professor Keith Chen, behavioural economist at UCLA, has been looking at how speakers of different languages also save differently.  Claire Labrum of Strictly Financial gives an overview of his thoughts and a...
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I don’t like … Wednesdays.

Or do I? Dawn Ballard likes Wednesdays. Hmm, but who’s she?  Dawn is an Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies at the University of Texas.  She is a scholar of chronemics, the study of time and communication.  And Dawn is getting a lot of air time...
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Questions about business to business research?

Q. Why are mixed methodology studies more common in B2B?

A. The complexity of B2B markets means that multiple research methods often need to be used in order to provide answers or solutions for strategic decisions

Q. Why are B2B costs higher than B2C costs?

A. B2B transactions often take more consideration and involve more decision makers.  The B2B consumer will more often than not need to be able to prove a return-on-investment for their purchase

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