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“I decided to get involved with BIG after attending a couple of their forums. I enjoyed sharing knowledge with other B2B insights professionals and the BIG community spirit”

Amy Middleton, BEAM Fieldwork

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“BIG gives the business research community its own distinct voice and a forum where we can explore the specific challenges of business research while still providing insights that are relevant to all researchers”

Keith Bailey, Transport Focus


“BIG strikes the right balance between useful knowledge sharing via the conference and forums and opportunities to network or socialise with likeminded folk. Because its membership reflects its specialised focus, it really does feel like a community.”

Dave Skelsey, Stictly Financial


BIG Forum: A Breakfast Briefing – Human Numbers and Numbered Humans

Date: Tuesday 19th November 
Time: 8.30am (Light breakfast served from 8am)

Join Jack Miles & Alex Holmes from Northstar to hear more about how qualitative and quantitative research can solve one another’s flaws and enable research to deliver better value to B2B marketers.

Future BIG Forums

Our forum dates have been decided but we are still busy planning our list of topics and exciting guest speakers. We will confirm the details as soon as possible.

Next Forum date: 11th February at 6pm – B2B Soap box

People, not participants

I’ve always been fascinated by language. How words can be used to convey emotion, create tension and divide interpretation. The precision with which a good wordsmith can draw you into a story. The ability of punctuation to radically alter the meaning of a sentence. As...

The B2B industry’s contribution to the UK economy

The UK is a B2B nation, and has a huge influence on the global B2B market - yet this is something that is often overlooked, and until now has been difficult to quantify. To redress this, B2B Marketing commissioned some primary research that surveyed 809 senior...

Examining the changing world of B2B research

May’s BIG forum was a fascinating session, examining the changing world of B2B research with a lively discussion on the evolving toolkit of data collection & analysis. Moderated by Alex Wheatley of Kantar, we were joined by a panel of Graeme Cade (Savanta), Stuart...

Three Ways to Overcome the Challenges Faced in B2B Market Research

Although understanding B2B market research can be immensely useful and vital to success, actually acquiring quality market research insights as a B2B company can be difficult.  That’s why the BEAM Fieldwork team have taken a look over some of the challenges faced, and...

Defining B2B market research – whether (and how) it is different…

In principle, Business to Business research (or B2B) is relatively easy to define – it is talking to someone in their professional capacity about their job or work.  However, it seems that the lines between B2B and B2C market research are becoming increasingly...

Questions about business to business research?

Q. Why are mixed methodology studies more common in B2B?

A. The complexity of B2B markets means that multiple research methods often need to be used in order to provide answers or solutions for strategic decisions

Q. Why are B2B costs higher than B2C costs?

A. B2B transactions often take more consideration and involve more decision makers.  The B2B consumer will more often than not need to be able to prove a return-on-investment for their purchase

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