BIG Directory helps you to stand out from the crowd.

“We were contacted by an insurance company who wanted a specialist B2B piece of work conducted by a B2B financial expert – they had used BIG Directory to find us.  The resultant job more than justified the cost of the entry fee”  

Claire Labrum, Director, Strictly Financial.

The leading resource for clients seeking suppliers in business to business research, the BIG Directory enables clients to quickly and effectively find their perfect business to business partner.

We know from Quirks 2017 Corporate Researcher Report that outsourcing, increased automation, sample quality and lack of innovation are key challenges.  But by using the BIG Directory, clients are able to research and source a supplier who is expert in the market and able to meet these challenges.

The BIG supplier directory is the only specialist B2B research resource which will help identify and match clients’ requirements with your specific area of expertise.  Listing only specialist business research and insight providers, it is the premier place for clients to go when seeking expert knowledge.

Take a look at the directory – can you afford not to be present?