Question #1: Without giving too much away – what is the main topic of your talk?

Tuesday evening’s forum is concerned with the future of B2B research. How it is changing and what it might look like in 5 years’ time. We’ll be exploring what factors might influence that change and how should we the B2B research community deal with it? Should we embrace it or be concerned. In addition, as the insight community supporting and advising on market research in business, what support should BIG provide its members and what can we do generally to help the research industry.

Question #2: Why did you choose this topic?

As a member organisation, we’ve been thinking about how best to support our members for a while now. To do this most successfully it first made sense to understand what was happening in the B2B research space. Hence, we thought it would be good to explore the industry future first to ensure we align BIG to the industry and member needs.

Question #3: What can attendees expect to take away from the presentation?

Well hopefully some insights into the future of B2B research based on evidence from the recently published British Research Barometer study, which examines the opinions and issues of the UK marketing research community. As well as a chance to help shape BIGs future…and of course a glass or two of wine!

Question #4: What motivates you to chair BIG?

An interesting question. I’ve been a member of BIG for many, many years and enjoyed the numerous debates and presentations held over the years. It’s always provided many opportunities to learn specifically about B2B research. My motivation for Chairing BIG is the prospect of helping shape the future of BIG to ensure it remains relevant and provides the right support for our members and continues to offer opportunities to learn.

Question #5: With so much change in the B2B research industry how do you think researchers should prepare for the future?

That’s a toughie! The best way to prepare for any chance is to be fully aware and informed – the perfect reason for coming to Tuesday’s Forum!