New BIG Member Alex Wheatley talks to us about what B2B research means to him.

Question #1: Tell us a bit about your background

I have been working in Market Research for over 5 years previously in the Innovation team at Lightspeed Research and now as Director of Digital and Technical Innovation at Kantar.

In my role at Lightspeed I researched survey methodologies and consulted on best practices, in my new role I am looking at expanding and supporting Kantar’s non-survey methodologies.

Before entering the world of Market Research I worked at a family run Leica camera specialist shop and studied Philosophy at the LSE.

Question #2: Why did you choose the B2B research industry?

I’m not sure I did! I was looking for new opportunities and saw a research role. It sounded like an amazing mix of problem solving and creativity so I chose then to take the plunge – and I haven’t looked back.

Question #3: What does BIG mean to you?

BIG is a place where those pioneering the field can go to share ideas, collaborate and grow.

Question #4: What motivated you to join BIG?

The people more than anything else.

Question #5: With so much change in the B2B research industry how do you think researchers should prepare for the future?

By doing what we do best: continually assessing the value of insights and actively looking for the best places to find them.