On Tuesday 23rd February BIG held its first BIG Virtual Forum of the year and what a way to kick off 2021. The B2B Soapbox, lead by Jack Tadman of Opinium, was a huge success and covered lots of interesting topics. 

Isobel Hunt of Opinium was first to the virtual floor discussing why you should conduct thought leadership research with B2B audiences.

Next up Amy Ludlow from Motif who talked through bringing the human touch to B2B research and why it is so important. Making B2B more engaging for the stakeholder and the respondent, and therefore driving more insightful responses and more detailed, proactive results. 

Amy Holmes at Prevision Market Research examined the challenges of conducting B2B research on the front line, especially during the pandemic, and the importance of building rapport.

Steven Nicholson of Critical explained about cognitive biases in decision making – “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away”. Giving insight into how you can help guide clients through decision making and be aware of various cognitive biases we might have when interpreting research and how to mitigate those.

Our final presenter was Jo Dorling from Opinium who talked us through building a sense of connection through qualitative research. How it’s important to read the room, enabling people to freely express themselves and feel comfortable, and how during the pandemic it is necessary to create virtual rooms that support connection.

A video of the session is available via our website.

Dates for our next BIG Virtual Forum will be confirmed shortly.