Amy Middleton, Director
Beam Fieldwork

I started in the Market Research industry over 15 years ago and I’ve never looked back.

Since completing my degree in marketing nearly 15 years ago and starting my career in research, I guess you could say I’ve done it all. I’ve been a Venue Host, a Recruiter, a Fieldwork Manager, a Senior Fieldwork Manager and a Fieldwork Director. I’ve personally managed close to 1,000 qual and quant research projects with budgets from £500 to £350,000. Throughout my career in research I’ve been a prominent member of the BIG Committee, the ICG and a full member of the MRS and AQR.

After taking a little time out to have my two girls, I decided to set up independently as BEAM Fieldwork, I had really missed being on the front line of fieldwork, particularly working with smaller, independent companies. What I love about fieldwork is that it is fast paced and varied – one day you could be working on a project looking for owners of high performance cars, the next you are looking for CEO’s using a specific healthcare provider.

I decided to get involved with BIG after attending a couple of their forums, having worked on various B2B projects I wanted to learn more about B2B Research. The BIG Forum topics are geared to the B2B audience and attended by clients, agencies and suppliers. The forums initially ran in London, my role on the committee is to arrange regional forums, so we can share B2B knowledge across the country. We have conducted forums in Manchester and Bristol, with Leeds, Edinburgh and Nottingham in the pipeline.