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The BIG Survey 2022 Results

The BIG Survey 2022 Results

After joining BIG in 2021, I was tasked with helping with the marketing of the group, aiming to not only attract new members, but ensure existing members still valued their membership and we were shaping our events around their needs. As a market researcher, my first...

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Market Research: Let’s Get Down 2 Business

Market Research: Let’s Get Down 2 Business

Market research is all about improvement – for the brand, their consumer and all who actively or passively consume along the customer journey. As a concept it’s fairly simple, there's an opportunity to improve your business, your research team curates the killer...

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Q. Why are mixed methodology studies are more common in B2B?

A. The complexity of B2B markets though means that multiple research methods often need to be used in order to provide answers or solutions for strategic decisions.

Q. Why are B2B costs higher than B2C costs?

A. B2B transactions often take more consideration and involve more decision makers. The B2B consumer will more often than not need to be able to prove a return-on-investment for their purchase.

Q. What makes B2B branding different to B2C?

A. Corporate brand more visible, smaller target audience, more targeted communications, sales culture, compete on pricing and longer term contracts in some cases


If you’ve been unable to attend our recent Forum evenings then here you’ll find the accompanying presentations from previous sessions.

Minding the gap: innovative research exposing the marketers agency divide

Kirsten Swanepoel and Will Beagles, Flood and Partners

Business Minds Survey Magazine – BIG Forum November 2017

Emma Mozley-Allen and Alex Wheatley


New ways of reaching a business audience

Alex Wheatley, Lightspeed