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When insight makes a BIG difference

When insight makes a BIG difference

We all know that Market Research is important for advising day to day business decision making, but it also has the power to inspire change within the heart of a business. This was the impact when The Sound collaborated with Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading event...

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The value of community:  How BIG changed my life

The value of community: How BIG changed my life

Last week I was talking with a (much) younger researcher about their perception of the market research community.  I shared some of my distant memories of MRS summer and winter schools, various MRS conferences as well as talking about Research Club, R-Net and BIG. ...

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Big members to receive 30% off Ilex Europe!

Big members to receive 30% off Ilex Europe!

Do you believe in innovation? IIeX Europe was designed to introduce researchers to new ideas and connect them with the most future-focused insights pros from around the world. If you are already a BIG member, or if you join The Business Intelligence Group between now...

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Q. Why are mixed methodology studies are more common in B2B?

A. The complexity of B2B markets though means that multiple research methods often need to be used in order to provide answers or solutions for strategic decisions.

Q. Why are B2B costs higher than B2C costs?

A. B2B transactions often take more consideration and involve more decision makers. The B2B consumer will more often than not need to be able to prove a return-on-investment for their purchase.

Q. What makes B2B branding different to B2C?

A. Corporate brand more visible, smaller target audience, more targeted communications, sales culture, compete on pricing and longer term contracts in some cases


If you’ve been unable to attend our recent Forum evenings then here you’ll find the accompanying presentations from previous sessions.

Business Minds Survey Magazine – BIG Forum November 2017

Emma Mozley-Allen and Alex Wheatley

The Power of International B2B Qual – BIG Forum May 2017

Andy Cooper