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We are totally focused on financial services. It’s the only sector we work in, and we know a lot about it.

Mixing common sense, commercial awareness and our vast experience, we will always design a custom-made research program that takes account of your business problem, the market issues and the research practicalities.

We invest much of our time finding out what people really think, and a lot more of it thinking about what that means in the context of your business.

We build this intelligent, analytical and creative thinking time into your project, because it is here that we can add real value and where your investment in the research can pay real dividends.

We do this by only using highly experienced Director level researchers to handle every aspect of every project. Nothing is delegated to more junior staff.

But we don’t work in isolation: we’ll involve you throughout the project and will occasionally draw on a few expert partners so that the project itself can benefit from the collective knowledge, different perspectives and combined brainpower of the different teams.

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Company address : Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Rd, London, NW5 1TL

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11th January 2018