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– B2B market research fieldwork where we are able to focus on difficult to reach respondents.
– Services include recruitment, qualitative and quantitative interviewing as well as other data processing.
– Coverage – UK and International markets across all sectors.
– UK and International consumer fieldwork in specialist areas.
– Commitment to working closely with clients and providing consistent high quality fieldwork.
– Experienced partners run all projects and are able to advise on fieldwork.
– Partners have over 50 years MR experience between them.
– Mature interviewers with extensive B2B/B2C interviewing experience able to bring feedback and insights derived from careers in other disciplines and industries.

Contact name: Chrissie Rogowska

Company telephone: +44 (0)1959 562647/564624

Company email: chrissie@cjfieldworkpartnership.com

Company web address: http://www.cjfieldworkpartnership.com/

Company address : Unit 3, Otford Station, Station Approach, Otford, Kent TN14 5QY

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