In June’s BIG Forum Dave Skelsey considered the last 18 months and gave his views on what has happened and what will happen next in this ever changing and evolving situation we all find ourselves within.

Sharing a snapshot of the economy and giving predictions of what there is to come; it was pleasingly not all doom and gloom. Despite 2020 figures showing the largest global recession since the 1930’s, where UK GDP shrank by 9.9%, 2021 has provided a glimmer of hope. The UK economy is growing faster than any other European country, according to the IMF, and UK exports are almost back to pre-Brexit levels. The bumps in the road are likely to be labour shortages, retail sector losses and, perhaps more worryingly, rising inflation.

To round off his presentation Dave talked about the impact of Cornavirus on the Market Research industry. He felt that the huge shifts in working practices, people’s personal circumstances and the emotional impact of the last 18 months will mean that market research will be central to understanding the new business landscape. He also feels that people will be far more willing to talk and share their experiences with us. Of course coronavirus has also impacted the way we do research. Zoom calls are now part of our standard working practice and will continue to be, and we have seen increased willingness in respondents to engage with online panels. Finally Dave asked for thoughts from our audience on the changes they have experienced.

Dave’s full presentation and notes are available within the members section of the Business Intelligence Groups’s website.